Focus on the communication machine room monitoring and management of surrounding facilities at home and abroad,Has become a batteryGPSSegmentation industry positioning monitoring solutions leader!
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The core business

Company is mainly provide communication equipment room、Communication base station monitoring anti-theft equipment integration solutions。Cover the base station monitoring、Ring monitoring、The storage batteryGPSPositioning anti-theft、Air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditionersGPSPositioning anti-theft、The base station feederGPSPositioning anti-theft、Solar panelsGPSPositioning anti-theft、A generatorGPSPositioning anti-theft products such as solution。Have all the products unified monitoring intelligent management platform

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About the remittance

About the remittance


Shenzhen hui tide technology co., LTD. Is engaged in the research and development,Production of intelligenceGPSTerminal,Provide global positioning service of high-tech companies,Over the years,The company has focused on countries outside communications in the field of computer peripheral equipment safety monitoring and management,Through constant innovation and practice,Has become a batteryGPSSegmentation industry positioning monitoring solutions leader。
Hui chao founded in science and technology2009Years6Month,By the industry's leading technology research and development team,Up to now,Company successfully developed is suitable for the team:Battery battery manufacturers、Communication operations engineering contractor、Three big series products of special communications operators,Covers2V/12V/48VThe storage battery、Day feeder、Air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners、Solar panels and other peripheral equipment safety monitoring of the telecom room applications。
We rely on a strong and powerful technical resources,Professional management and technical research and development team,Improve the supply channel,Efficient market support and excellent pre-market after-sales service,Adhering to the public、Cooperation、The principle of win-win,To provide customers with high quality、Stability of complete sets of equipment product、Application service solutions and technical support,To become a truly valuable customers and trusted partners。
We always believe it:‘Only high quality、Differentiated products to create a good market environment!And stand the test of the market。Establishing the image of excellence of products,Is the goal of our struggle,Let the customers trust,Is our eternal pursuit!Wish to cooperate with you,Create a secure a harmonious society。

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